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S/H KOH x Diamond Foundry Collaboration


S/H KOH is excited to announce the launch of a bridal capsule collection in collaboration with Diamond Foundry.  S/H KOH is one of jewelry designers running Au showroom, New York-based showroom for emerging and established talent in the jewelry industry. 

The Modern Queen Collection is my homage to 21st century queens who make a difference. As activist, artist, or ambassador, these modern queens empower women everywhere. Each design combines strong architectural lines, elegant curves and majestic diamonds. The Modern Queen Collection is about making your mark in the world with confidence and style.

Mission Statement

As a brand we care about the quality of materials and the methods the company uses. All pieces are handmade in NYC with recycled metals and with diamonds created by Diamond Foundry, the world’s first certified carbon-neutral diamond producer. These diamonds are cultivated in the US aboveground using solar technology and without human exploitation. 100% atomically identical to mined diamonds, the diamonds are masterfully cut and graded in San Francisco. This is why Diamond Foundry is so in tune with our S/H KOH vision and we are proud to work with them.

Margrethe Ring

Margrethe II of Denmark: Artist  “One should never be so formal that one loses life, but one should never be so informal that one loses form.”  Queen Margrethe is also a dedicated artist whose works are exhibited worldwide, including a major retrospective at Copenhagen’s renowned Arken Museum.

Rania Earring

Queen Rania of Jordan: Activist “When women are empowered, they have the power to transform society”. Ever stylish Queen Rania is an activist for global education with the 1Goal campaign, advocating to world leaders for children’s education worldwide.

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