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S/H KOH Photoshoot Collaboration in Philladelphia


S/H KOH is excited to collaborate with these talented people as an art director.

Rebel Youth - Youth is still youth! We can’t understand what’s happening in a place like North Korea. But we can understand how the young generation is feeling and suffering in this closed part of the world. 4-page story

Art direction: Seohee Koh and Sophie Cécile Xu 
Photographer: Sophie Cécile Xu 
Stylist: Seohee Koh 
Makeup: Stephanie Fuchs 
Hair: Jessica Pineda 
Model: Anna Orman 
Lighting: Gretchen Lovrinov 
All jewelry by S/H KOH

(For each image, wardrobe credits should be listed as follows)
Image 1: NOT by Jenny shirt and Chikimiki jacket 
Image 2: Chikimiki blazer and pants 
Image 3: Chikimiki top and skirt 
Image 4: NOT by Jenny dress and Chikimiki top

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